Your Gut Revival Program Dietitians Go to Los Angeles, CA!

Hi! We just got back from an amazing week in California, getting allll the recipe inspo, hiking, resting, and exploring the city (including the amazing Erewhon market). I also have some family that live in LA, so it was great to see them and spend some quality time with loved ones on this trip too. Connection with friends and family is so important for both our mental health and gut health, so this trip filled our cups in more ways than one. Below are some highlights from eats to hikes to more. Save and reference if you are planning an LA trip soon!

For our food recommendations, here are few amazing places to check out:

·   Abbot Kinney is an amazing spot for shopping at so many amazing stores, especially ones we don’t have in Ohio/Kentucky! Make sure to checkout Venice Beach close-by and eat at The Butcher’s Daughter in Abbot Kinney for amazing and beautiful plant-based eats!

·   Brentwood Farmer’s Market: Hands down, the best farmers’ market we have ever seen! It was truly a dietitian’s dream. I would move to LA just for this place honestly. It is only open on Sundays, so if you are planning a visit, make sure to be there on Sundays to experience it!

·   We also really liked the Palisades area for food, shopping, and Erewhon Market, which is basically a much more boujee version of Whole Foods located throughout LA.

·   Catch LA – A delicious dinner or brunch spot! We wanted to make another trip back because of how good it was!! Be sure to get a reservation pretty early in advance of a trip, it books up quickly. We had the best sushi here, see below!

·   We also ate at The Original Farmers Market at Michelina LA and it was SO good too!

·   A bar we checked out for some fun drinks and vibes was E.P. & L.P. in West Hollywood. A super chic, rooftop bar atmosphere with great LA views.

An overview of the hikes we did:

A huge part of LA culture is, of course, hiking, so we had to partake. We did 2 hikes during our trip as a great way to get some vitamin D exposure, move our bodies, and connect with nature. The two hikes that we did were Zuma Canyon Trail and Temescal Canyon Park.

Hiking is great for gut health actually! First, the sun exposure that we get during hiking is amazing for regulating our circadian rhythms, especially if it is done in the morning. Hiking is a great way to take a break and rest from technology and our busy lifestyles. This is so important for preventing burnout, boosting our creative capacity, and improving our overall wellness. Movement is so important for our gut health as well to promote regularity. 

I recommend researching the hikes/trails you want to do before going on your trip. Make sure to check how to access the hike and the level of difficulty so you know what you are getting into! Be prepared with lots of water, sunscreen, and the right shoes depending on the difficulty, terrain, or elevation of the hike too.

One other fun thing we did was see a Magic Show at Magic House LA!  It was such a fun, new experience and something unique that we both didn’t think we’d do while in LA. 

Are you planning a trip soon? Save this post for future planning!

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