End the cycle of dieting & restriction. Let’s make peace with food and your body to restore energy and balance.


Are you tired of obsessing about what to eat and the way you look?

Do you struggle with listening to your body's hunger and fullness cues to determine how much to eat?

Do you experience guilt or the need to restrict your intake after eating something “bad”?

Do you struggle with bloating and or digestive issues? 

Are you looking to balance your hormones to feel like the best version of you? 

I’m Tirzah! 

I’m passionate about helping women find the best version of themselves through building a healthy relationship with food and finding the root cause of their health issues through functional nutrition. I know what it's like to feel frustrated with your health and the way you feel. I have seen how short and long term periods of dieting negatively affects our hormones, metabolism, gut health and relationship with food. I’m determined to help you make peace with food and your body to find a nutrition approach that works best for you.


Ready to Work Together?

Through nutrition coaching, you'll
gain a deeper understanding of the importance of a healthy relationship with food, your gut
health & hormonal balance. Are you ready to ditch dieting for good, tackle any existing
health issues and start your very own customized nutrition program? If this sounds like you,
please apply here to work with me!


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