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Meet Your Dietitians!

Tirzah & Heidi are both private practice Registered Dietitians who work with women (and men) to have a better relationship with food, support their gut health, skin and hormones. Tirzah and Heidi have teamed up to bring you the Gut Revival Program. 


Gut Revival Program

Do you suffer with Gi issues such as, bloating, constipation, skin issues, fatigue, etc. or have a diagnosis of IBS? This program is for you, if you’re looking to dive deeper into your symptoms, healthy history, figure out the root cause of your gut issues and be apart of a community of other individuals who have had similar symptoms and experiences. Tirzah & Heidi want to help you get to the bottom of your chronic GI Issues that are affecting your daily life. You should not have to live this way!

This program includes:
-4 Month Program with Dietitian support & guidance 
-Gut Testing ($400 Value)
-3 1:1 Dietitian sessions that include a personalized protocol based on Gi test results
-Weekly calls focused on gut health 
-Access to a private Facebook Group with dietitians and peers
-Gut health materials and guidance
-Weekly Q & A with dietitians Tirzah & Heidi 

Time frame: 4 month commitment 

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Your Dietitians, Tirzah & Heidi

Our goal is for you to have healthy relationship with food and feel good about your health! We want to help you kick the bloating, constipation, stomach pain and other digestive issues. It drains your energy and creates a lot of anxiety around food.  You spend more time figuring out what to eat that's not going to bother your stomach than just enjoying food. We have both been there and this is why we are passionate about helping others break free from their digestive struggles. 

Our comprehensive group program walks you through setting a foundation for healing the gut then identifying the underlying cause of your symptoms using stool testing and a thorough assessment. By find your root cause, we can heal the gut and relieve symptoms for good.  

We love the GI-Map test for helping clients further understand their microbiome. The GI-MAP test is an incredible tool to help us dive a bit deeper and investigate a root cause for the symptoms the client is facing. The results provide a brief “snapshot” in time as our gut microbiome is always changing. The snapshot is helpful because we can identify trends over time to see if any problematic pathogens are wreaking havoc to the gut microbiome. The results can help provide insight around supplementation and lifestyle modifications to support the clients gut healing journey.

Take a look below to review a few of the markers the GI-Map test reveals with its results:
PATHOGENS (bacterial, viral and parasitic)

COMMENSAL BACTERIA (the “good” or beneficial bacteria)

OPPORTUNISTIC BACTERIA (the “unfavorable” microbes that have potential to cause problems)




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Through our group program, you'll
gain a deeper understanding of the importance of a healthy gut. Are you ready to kick the bloat for good and be apart of group program with individuals going through similar experiences?
 If this sounds like you,
please apply here to join The Gut Revival Program!


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