Why the scale does more harm than good

Nine times out of ten, when we step on the scale, we don’t like the number that we see. Maybe we have set an unrealistic expectation for what this number “should” be, and then we get disappointed when it is not. When this happens we may feel dissatisfied with our bodies and our recent eating patterns. We may think in order to change this number on the scale to reflect more of what we want, we need to start controlling our food in a more restrictive way. Dieting and restrictive eating habits then become the way that we try to control our bodies and the number on the scale.

However, when we diet and restrict food, that means we begin to ignore our hunger cues and deny our body of food even when we are hungry. In our bodies, there is continued and often times, enhanced production of hunger hormone, known as ghrelin, in our bodies. This can drive us to feel extreme feelings of hunger that lead us towards eating too quickly, eating too much, and choosing overly rich, calorie-dense foods that we have been restricting when we do allow ourselves to eat. Additionally, when we diet and restrict food, we are living in a chronic, low-level state of stress about food and our bodies, which causes cortisol and insulin production to increase. This signals our bodies to store more fat and also interferes with muscle building. And finally, this “all-or-nothing” thinking that accompanies the diet mentality leads to restricting, bingeing, and obsession and stress around food.

The bottom line is that all of this sets the stage for overeating and weight gain. And this is why research has shown that 95% of dieters regain the weight they lost, and sometimes more, within 3 years.

What is the answer? Finding peace with food and using principles of intuitive eating to consistently fuel your body with the food it needs and reducing the stress we have around food. It is a lot easier said than done, and I am here to help you navigate this process! A great place to start is by starting to understand your hunger and fullness cues while also learning how to ditch the scale overtime.

Do any of these scenarios resonate with you? What tools help you to say no to the diet mentality? 

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